About us




 “It’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress.” – Diana Vreeland.

The words came to mind when I found myself in the middle of a high end social event, feeling slightly awkward surrounded by stunning beautifully dressed women.

It was my second week in Dubai. I had spent all day earlier trying to find a suitable attire to fit into the crowd. I didn’t feel appropriate to dress like local women but couldn’t find anything suitable to keep balance between local culture and modern look.

 After 5 years in China, Middle East became a new world for me, and I wasn’t quite sure I am ready for it. Well, my suitcase definitely wasn’t. So, after failing to find the right outfit, I had no choice but to create one myself.

 I started researching the cultural aspect of the local fashion as I became fascinated by women’s fashion choices, inspired by deeply rooted heritage, with a twist of modern trends and chic fabrics.

 Fortunately (or rather it was a destiny) I learnt a lot about fashion manufacturing first hand in Shanghai, working with a famous fashion house. It took me one year of trials and errors, perfecting my own line of laser cut patterns and flattering silhouettes. I traveled from Paris to Barcelona and even to Hong Kong to find the best fabrics which weren’t available in the Emirates. I believe we managed to create the brand that speaks for itself.






Each piece from MYKAFTAN collections represents the unity of cultures between East and West, supporting the newly arrived modesty movement to fit into the lifestyle of all of us – generation of cosmopolites – modern women who like to travel and discover new things, staying true to themselves, without compromising the values and traditions.

MYKAFTAN is an interpretation of traditional Arabic style through my vision and experiences; it’s the way I see modest fashion in the modern world, full of changes, diversities and mix of cultures.

That’s why my brand is not only about fashion trends but also about connection and social values. Fashion has a power to influence humanity and to make our world a better place, where everyone is accepted, regardless of his origin, identity or cultural differences.



Vasilisa Kozhemiako

Founder of MYKAFTAN